Surreal art by L F Peterson
Surreal art by L F Peterson

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Abstract Art

In hues untamed, a canvas wide, Where thoughts and colors coincide, I'll paint an abstract, wild and free, A glimpse of emotions, for you to see.

Bold strokes of crimson, passion's flame, Intermingling with azure, calm and tame, They clash and blend, a vibrant dance, Symbolizing life's dichotomous stance.

A burst of yellow, like sunlit rays, Radiates warmth, in a golden haze, It speaks of hope, of dreams yet to be, A beacon of light, for all to see.

But shadows lurk amidst the light, In midnight blues, they claim their right, Whispering secrets, veiled in mystery, A touch of darkness, in this vivid tapestry.

Lines converge, then break away, Creating chaos in a rhythmic sway, They symbolize the twists and turns we face, In this intricate journey, called the human race.

Textures woven, rough and smooth, Expressing life's dichotomy, its constant groove, The rough patches, where hardships reside, Enhance the beauty of the smooth, with pride.

Shapes emerge, both fragmented and whole, A fractured puzzle, from fragments stole, They mirror the fragments of our own souls, Seeking unity, to once again be whole.

Each stroke, each color, tells a story, Of joys and sorrows, of loss and glory, An abstract tale, open to interpretation, A window to emotions, without limitation.

So gaze upon this canvas, abstract and true, Let your own emotions come into view, For in this creation, you'll find a connection, A reflection of life's abstract perfection.


Original Fine Art by Eric Peterson

We specialize in original fine art by Eric Peterson. His work is known for its vibrant colors and unique style. Each piece is hand-painted and one-of-a-kind.

red blue and yellow abstract painting
red blue and yellow abstract painting

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river painting
river painting
multicolored wall art
multicolored wall art
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