Lawrence FredERICk Peterson Ph.D.

Art by Lawrence fredERICk Peterson Thank you for visiting my art gallery. Without words, art provides a forum for sharing ideas and experiences. My paintings are deliberately ambigious with countless hours devoted to subtle nuances, faces and symbols. Beginning with a few lines, shapes and forms begin to emerge. Using small natural brush strokes details are added under magnification for a three dimensional effect. Frequently, portions of earlier paintings are included as a matter of personal style. Using art as a change agent seemed the inevitable conclusion to a life of drawing, illustrating and painting. Countless hours were devoted in my youth to coaxing scribbles into cartoons, illustrations, industrial designs and abstract art. While earning a post graduate degree in psychology, it became abundantly clear the import of art on mental health. Expressing ourselves in color, shape, form, hue, and contrast combines to form a gestalt, unique for each individual. The observer becomes a participant, forming a synthesis of reality with each interpretation. Many connections are formed on an unconscious level. The value of a painting is attributable to thoughts behind it and the thoughts it generates. I trust you will visit my gallery often and may your thoughts be happy ones. Links are appreciated. Gallery owners, art collectors, industrial designers and art patrons are encouraged to contact me by writing to eric@petersonartgallery.com . Thank you again for visiting my art gallery. Eric